Private ownership (1996—Present)

From 1996, the property was sold into private hands.  Numerous owners have called Claremont House home and little development of the property has taken place.  Much of the form of the house and grounds today still evidence the evolution of the property over the last 170 years.

Tasmania and Australia as a whole, has a very short history relative to the rest of the world.  Maintaining properties such as Claremont House are imperative to understanding and learning about this country’s history.  The ICOMOS Burra Charter in short, states that for the survival of such buildings such as Claremont House, they must be used.

As the current owners, it is our dream to continue ongoing renovations and restorations to return Claremont House to its’ former glory.  In the early 1900’s the front rooms of Claremont House were re-developed by the Cottrell-Dormers to hold some of Tasmania’s finest gala events.  Having opened in April 2012 with a view to becoming Tasmania’s premier event centre, these historic and stately rooms are now available for hire.  We also have Claremont House Beauty, specialising in makeup artistry for all occasions.
The continual restoration and development of the property relies on the success of events at the house.

Our current project is the restoration of the original dining room of the house that has been damaged by rising damp from an underground water leak. The leak had gone undetected for some time with no plumbing plans to the house available anywhere on file. The original rendered walls and floors surrounding the fireplace will have to be removed to allow the convict brick and sandstones walls to dry out, joists replaced and recyled baltic pine flooring put down to replace the damaged boards. 

Claremont House now stands on 5 acres of land and still enjoys commanding views of the Derwent River and mountain range, as first described in the pages of the Mercury in 1889.






History Overview

Private Ownership (1825—1940)

Government ownership (1940—1997)